About the Charity

Safe Pets Safe Families is a non for profit charity established here in South Australia by it's founder Jennifer Howard. Their mission is to create support networks within the community to help reduce euthanasia in pets and giving support to those experiencing mental health and anguish due to crisis. The latest component being developed within the charity is Paws with Friends.

The bond between pets and their people is such a crucial factor in the mental health and the well being of those coming from traumatic types of backgrounds or those unable to care for their pets. The charity recognises the need for factoring in the decisions needed to be made in regards to the welfare and supporting the bonds between the pets and the owner.

Safe Pets Safe Families Foster Carer

Paws with Friends

Aside from those experiencing domestic abuse, financial difficulties or being homeless, the elderly and those needing palliative care or full-time aged care, also need the connection of their pets at this time.

Losing that connection is very difficult and having a foster carer for those pets to help with the full time care and regular visits to the owner, is one way of keeping the emotional support going between the owner and their pets.

Head to the website if you would like to donate your time or support to this much needed part of the charity within the community.


Pet Food Bank~Fill Their Bowl

Pets are often forgotten when emergency food is provided to vulnerable people. Safe Pets Safe Families is committed to changing this and making sure their bowls are full too. SPSF provides food to many charities so people in need can feed their pets.

This project is an important part of SPSF objective towards keeping people and pets together and prevent unnecessary surrender and euthanasia.

South Australian Non for Profit Charity

As I am sure you are aware, our community is struggling more than ever, financially and mentally. The demand for these services has significantly increased and the pet food is flying off the shelves fast. Fill Their Bowl is a new campaign that will help replenish the shelves and keep their client’s fur family bellies full.

The Safe Pets Safe Families Head Office and Warehouse

Donations to the Pet Food Bank can be made and dropped off at the their warehouse by appointment. One simple donation provides a meal and peace of mind for a struggling family and their pet. If you would also like to donate your time to the Pet Food Bank project simply contact the charity for more details.


Paws & Pals

Another part of the charity works with Paws & Pals providing a Pop Up Vet Clinic removing barriers for the homeless and their pets. Services include free vet services, grooming for the pets and food and accessories supplies for the pets and their owners. All the services and items are provided by donations made by the public and volunteers alongside vets and local dog grooming businesses donating their time.

If you would like to make a donation to volunteer your time head to their website for more information.



The Precinct

The Paws & Pals Pop Up Vet Clinics have regular dates booked in around Adelaide and for some of the surrounding regions in South Australia including the Precinct Community Centre and the Riverlands.

The Riverlands

You can also head to the charities Facebook and Instagram pages to keep posted on some of the ongoing events and updates they have happening within the charity. There are an amazing team of volunteers who donate their valuable time in helping provide these much needed services and support for pets and their people within our community.





Foster Care Programme

Safe Pets Safe Families provide short term foster care of animals coming from crisis situations. This may include Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Mental Health and those needing hospital care. Care is provided in the homes of our Volunteer Foster Carers. If you would like to become a Foster Carer for Safe Pets Safe Families click on the link provided below.


Client Testimony

'Safe Pets Safe Families allowed us the opportunity after losing everything, to foster our beloved dog while we got our lives together. They cared for him and at the end of our journey we all reunited and are back together. They have been an amazing blessing in my life and they have kept my family together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.'


Aimee and Kurt